Localization in Templates


All my users are using RT in french. I would like to insert the ticket
history in the correspondance e-mail.
I use a template like this :

Historique :

my $resolved_message = ‘’;
my $transactions = $Ticket->Transactions;

while (my $transaction = $transactions->Next) {
my $t_date = $transaction->CreatedAsString();
my $t_owner = $transaction->CreatorObj->RealName;
my $t_descr = $transaction->BriefDescription;

$resolved_message .= "[";
$resolved_message .= $t_date;
$resolved_message .= "] [";
$resolved_message .= $t_owner;
$resolved_message .= "] - ";
$resolved_message .= $t_descr;
$resolved_message .= "\n";


It makes what I want but I can’t localize the BriefDescription in
French (like it’s done in the Ticket History on the web interface). In
fact, the BriefDescription should be localized.

Does anyone know how to select the language for localization in a template.

Thanks for your help