Local Images

I’m trying to get an image to appear on an RT page. It works if I put
the image in this directory:


but not in this one:


However a custom CSS file gets picked up from either of those
directories (yes, I know it doesn’t make sense to have CSS in a
directory called “images”; it was just to try this out).

I’m guessing that this is because HTML::Mason bothers to parse CSS files
(in case I put any Perl in there?) but not images, which sounds
reasonable. Is there something I can do to make Mason look in multiple
comp_root for images? I’ve had a look at HTML::Mason::Interp, where
comp_root is explained, but couldn’t find anything about which file
extensions are affected.

Alternatively, would it be better to put a <Location /NoAuth/images/>
block in the ‘Apache’ conf which points directly at my local images
directory, bypassing Mason entirely?

Or should I just stick local images in the non-local /images/ directory
and be done with it?