Linking user names from ticket details

Hi all,

I needed to show all tickets related to a user from Ticket/Display.html
and came up with the attached.

Yes, you can’t en/disable it other than within the code and yes, the
solution I found for linking to the search results is butt-ugly and yes,
you can’t easily customize order by, etc.

It is rather DWIM, but it works fine and integrates cleanly. Perhaps
someone will find it useful. Perhaps this, or anything based on it,
could make it into RT proper.

Any suggestions, feedback, ideas?


PS: This does not create a link for the owner of a ticket. I did not
need this, right now. If there is interest in that feature, I might add

ShowPeople.patch (1 KB)

ShowGroupMembers.patch (678 Bytes)

ShowUser.patch (882 Bytes)

ShowUserConcise.patch (889 Bytes)

I diffed the wrong file. My more useful sorting order is


the rest stays the same.