Linked custom field question


Using RT 3.8.6

I have a custom field called “Area” - It’s a “Select one” type. I see a list of Areas.

I have a second custom field called “Sub-Area” - It’s a “Select one” type and values are based on the above “Area”

When I select an area, the “Sub-Area” has a drop-down where the values change based on the “Area” chosen - SO FAR SO GOOD -

The problem is this - I select an area, then select a sub area and click update. The area and sub-area are set as indicated. If I look at the main page for the ticket, it shows what I have selected. However, if you go back to the “Basics” page - while the Area shows what I have selected, the “Sub-Area” drop down reverts back to “(no value)” even though a value is set for the ticket. This can be confusing to some.

The drop down is dynamic based on the area chosen obviously - so Im not sure if this is just something we would have to live with, or if it is a code change somewhere that could be made such that the drop down reflects what has been selected?