Link to existing attachment


I want to try and prevent creating duplicate attachments in a workflow. Is it possible to link an existing attachment in the database to a different transaction from a new or other ticket without adding the same attachement again? For viewing it looks like a user requires showticket or showcomments permission for the ticket that has the attachment. My goal is having a Ticket that requires an action from a different team. A new (sub)ticket is created for that team. However the first ticket will hold a document that the second ticket should be able to read without having full access to the main ticket. Storing the attachment a second time would waiste diskspace. Not for a single attachment but for the workflow in the coming years.

Any thoughts on how I can try to get this working without duplicating the attachment disk storage? A reference to the existing attachment in the new ticket could also work. Is this possible?


Kind regards,

Ton Hoogstraten
IS Analyst