LimitWatchers to check on Queue CC:

Hello All,

I have introduced Request Tracker in our company as helpdesk tool about
half a year ago. We have started with the email interface available for
our customers only, but are currently considering opening the web

The problem we are facing with the web interface is that our customers
are IT departments where multiple people work on the same project. We
would like these multiple people of the same customer to see the tickets
of their colleagues. In order to do that I have created a new
SelfService/Element, called MyCCTickets. It is a copy of
SelfService/Elements/MyRequest and contains two changes:

  • The titlte states “[status] tickets that I watch” in stead of “My
    ”[status] request"".

  • I have changed the line

    $MyTickets->LimitWatcher(TYPE =>‘Requestor’,VALUE =>


$MyTickets->LimitWatcher(TYPE =>‘Cc’,VALUE =>

This works quite fine. People at our customer that CC: their colleagues
at the email sent to our helpdesk (we have the email gateway configured
to automatically create the CC: list) offer their colleagues a view at
their tickets.

I have also set some key people at our customer (typically their project
managers) on the CC: list for their customer Queue. (We have Request
Tracker organized such that there is a queue per customer). What I hoped
for is that these people would now automatically see all the tickets in
the queue for which they are on the CC list via the MyCCTickets element.
This however is not true.

So therefor my question. Is it possible for non priviledged users to see
the tickets for which they are indirectly on the CC: list (namely via
the CC: list of the queue in which the ticket resides) and if so what
should I do/change? Is it other use of the LimitWatchers call in the
html element, or do I need to create/change some Perl code in

Thanks in advance

Sytze Boonstra

Hello All,

Just for those interested in the solution to my problem.:

We have configured RT to have a queue per customer. Some key people from
the customer are on the CC: list for their queue. This allows them to
follow their colleagues. Most of the time these are the project managers
of our customers implementation team. I have provided Selfservice access
to these key people. and added a new SelfService/Element
MyWatchingTickets that I copied from MyRequests.

My removing the LimitWatchers line, the user get’s to see all tickets
he/she is entitled to. His/her own tickets and all the tickets in the
queue for which he/she is on the CC: list.



Sytze Boonstra wrote: