Limiting 10 Newest unowned tickets to a specific queue

Hi Everyone,
We are starting to build an RT system and was wondering if there is a way to limit the queue that the 10 newest unowned tickets section in RT at a Glance pulls from? Several of us will have access to multiple queues but on that screen would like to just have our primary queue be displayed.
I did figure out how to do it with by going into the search and modifying it but I can’t see how to get that to be what the RT at a Glance then uses.
Thanks in advance.

You can create a new saved search in RT that only searches for tickets where the owner is nobody and the queue is “X”.

Then your users can add that saved search to their homepage instead of the default one, you can also go to Admin->Global->RT at a Glance to set the default homepages saved searches, charts, etc for anyone who hasn’t customized their homepage

Thanks for the idea. I got the search created now I have to figure out how to find it and share it with others in that area.

Create a group with all of them as members. Then editt the search and select the group from the privacy dropdown in the saved searches widget.
To include it on your home page edit your RT at a glance and select it from the list (probably at the bottom) and add it. Shuffle as necessary.

I don’t see any of the groups we’ve created in that dropdown. All I see is My Saved Searches, Admin Access’s saved Searches and RT System’s saved searches. The account I’m using to create the search and assign it to the group is an root equivalent account.
Do we need to turn something else on to get group access to show there?

I believe you need to be a member of a group to save to the groups privacy ( Many RTs have many many groups so this limits the options to something more manageable )

Thanks for the help everyone.

Is there something more I need to give the group in terms of rights to be able to save a search?
I gave the privileged users the rights to view saved searches, Create group dashboards and Create, modify and delete saved searches. And the account that I’m trying to use is a member of the group and is privileged.