LimitCustomField - usage query


I have set up a custom field which I would like to manipulate, but can’t
work out how.

The field is “Cat” (short for category) which is a “select one value” type
where the values are Query , Normal , Urgent or Critical, reflecting the
urgency of the request. I would like to escalate each Cat at a different
rate, using a modified version of Jesse Vincent’s script. The
key part of this script is shown below:

use RT::Tickets_Overlay;
my $tickets = new RT::Tickets($RT::SystemUser);
$tickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => ‘open’);
$tickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => ‘new’);

The question is, what parameters should I be passing to the LimitCustomField
subroutine? I’ve tried variations on the theme (as gleaned from the
LimitCustomField subroutine in RT::Tickets_Overlay)

$tickets->LimitCustomField(CUSTOMFIELD => ‘Cat’ , VALUE => ‘Normal’);

And get errors of the form:

[Wed Jun 11 13:13:03 2003] [error]: Unknown field: CF. at
/opt/rt3/lib/RT/ line 216.

I’m something of a Perl newbie and somewhat out of my depth here. Any
pointers would be gratefully appreciated.

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