Limit reply to owner

Hello!, RT version 4.4.4.

I want to limit ticket replies so that only the owner of the ticket can do it. In other words, I would like to:

  • Be able to reply on a ticket only if I am the owner
  • Other users (not owners) can only comment the ticket

Can’t find something similar in the forum or the extensions. Someone has been able to do this?


Make sure only the “owner” role on the ticket has the “ReplyToTicket” right for your queue(s)! You also most likely want the requestor to be able to reply as well


Thx for the advice. I set only the owner and requestor with the “ReplyToTicket” right for the desired queue. But I still can reply with a non-owner. “ReplyToTicket” has been removed from Everyone as well. Any ideas?

Check Admin->Global->User/Group rights as well

Removed all “ReplyToTicket” permissions from all places, still can reply. :frowning:

Are you a super user? You can look at adding this extension to get a better ideas of rights:

Rights Inspector reports that only RT_System and root have “ReplyToTicket” permissions as SuperUser.

Is the user you are testing with a SuperUser?

The user I am testing with has no SuperUser privileges.

I assume the user is getting the right somewhere! Maybe a role on the ticket? Also check for “ModifyTicket” as I believe that gives reply and edit rights ( My bad for forgetting that one )

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Thank you! That was the one “ModifyTicket”. All is good now!