LDAPIMPORT - update the privileges of existing users


I have a RT 4.4.3 server that works fine with LDAP authentication.
LDAPimport is configured to import every 5 minutes (with cron) the members of a group named “RT_GROUP”.
Only members of this group get privileges ( with the setting Set($LDAPCreatePrivileged, 1):wink:

Then, I have a user that already known by RT because he has already create a ticket by email. If I add this user to the RT_GROUP to give him privileges, it doesn’t work.

So when the script LDAPimport run, only new RT users get privileges, but existing users are not updated.
is it possible to update the privilege of known users with LDAPimport ?

I already add the setting Set($LDAPUpdateUsers, 1); but it still doesn’t work.