LDAPImport --debug does not give any diagnostics in 4.4.1

I am trying to setup the LDAPImport in RT 4.4.1 using the same configuration that is working with the Extension version. When I run it it with the --debug option, it does not give me any information about what is being done. The old extension would let me know the filter, base and what was happening as it ran. I am not getting any feedback. Here is what I get for the old version:

connecting to ldap.rice.edu
binding as cn=rt,dc=rice,dc=edu
searching with: base => ‘ou=People,dc=rice,dc=edu’ control => ‘Net::LDAP::Control::Paged=HASH(0x683b778)’ filter => ‘&(uid=*)’ scope => ‘sub’
search found 1000 objects
Processing user ccc
User ccc already exists as 384951, updating their data

The new integrated version:

./sbin/rt-ldapimport --debug
Running test import, no data will be changed
Rerun command with --import to perform the import
Rerun command with --debug for more information
Testing group import
[848] [Fri Apr 28 18:38:51 2017] [warning]: Not running a group import, configuration not set (/opt/rt441/sbin/…/lib/RT/LDAPImport.pm:1151)
Finished test

No information about anything that is being done at all. Is there something new? The documentation seems to match for both the built-in and extension versions.

Any ideas?

Okay, I am making some progress. I upped the debug level for RT to debug in RT_SiteConfig.pm. It doesn’t appear that the setting in rt-ldapimport affects anything:

my $importer = RT::LDAPImport->new;

if( $OPT{debug} ) {
RT->Config->Set( LogToSTDERR => ‘debug’ );
} else {
RT->Config->Set( LogToSTDERR => undef );

Now I have something to look at. I will let you know what I find.


To wrap up this thread, the older version defaulted to updating if it was not explicitly defined as such. The new integrated version requires it. That change, plus the logging change and it is working as before.


Hi Ken,

Sorry for the trouble. We’ve fixed --debug to give output in 4.4.2. Glad you were able to figure it out. Though I’m surprised to hear that the older version defaulted --import; looking at the code that shouldn’t have happened.