LDAP import - privileged existings users


I just installed RT 4.4.3 on a debian server.
I use RT::Authen::ExternalAuth to authentication. I don’t want everyone to have privileges, so I didn’t apply the Setting ( $UserAutocreateDefaultsOnLogin, { Privileged => 1 })

Now I want to synchronize some AD groups, and give the rights to the queues through these groups.
Thanks to the LDAPImport module, it works very well. But I would like the members of the imported group to automatically have privileges granted. Problem, the LDAPImport module does not update the Privileged parameter to 1.

Is there a way to automatically update the privileges of existing users in a specific group??

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hey Tony!
Have you resolved it? I’m facing similar problem - I want to control RT access and authentication using LDAP groups, and I need members of only one group to be as privileged users, and other groups only users who can create tickets.