Latest RT-3.6 and SSL


After upgrade to latest RT-3.6(rc2) from SVN i got strange error: when i
try to Take new ticket, Open it or do something else, i get error:
error: could not find component for initial path
‘/mod_ssl:error:HTTP-request’ (component roots are:
‘/var/www/html/rt/local/html’, ‘/var/www/html/rt’)

200: $self->{out_method} = sub { $$bufref .= $_[0] };
201: }
202: $self->{use_internal_component_caches} =
203: $self->{interp}->use_internal_component_caches;
204: $self->_initialize;
206: return $self;
207: }

code stack: /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/HTML/Mason/
and URL in browser becomes”, not”. We’re using SSL
only and redirect all plain HTTP requests to to HTTPS. Before latest
update all works fine (btw, selected action is commited, so ticket
becomes my, open, closed and so on, only this error is annoying :slight_smile: