Can anyone explain what “Keywords” are used for in RT. I am a new user and
can’t find any good documentation on what exactly what keywords are used
for and how they work in RT. I would assume it’s a search function but it
shows up under the configuration tab. Can anyone please help us figure
this out? Any info will help.

Thank you,


Can anyone explain what “Keywords” are used for in RT.

It’s been over a year since I’ve tinkered with Keywords, so at the risk of
getting it embarassingly wrong:

If you want to categorize tickets within a queue, you can do it with
keywords. For a purely hypothetical example, if you’re tracking bugs…

A BugType can be one of these:{UI (specifically GUI or CLI), Database,
A bug Affects one or more of: {Users, Staff}

So, you create keywords:

Then in your queue, you add “BugType: single children of BugType up to 2
levels deep” and “Affects: multiple children of Affects up to 1 level deep”.
Then your users can classify tickets with up to one BugType and as many
Affects as they need.