Keywords can be maintained across queues - was "N ew Ticket" GUI blind to keywords

Hi there,

Bad form to reply to my own email, but I thought it was worth the update.

Having spent more time testing with keyword selections I have come across
the Global Keyword Selection.

This does allow for keywords to be maintained in a ticket as the ticket is
moved from Queue to Queue.

Ideally I would have liked a group based one so that it applied to a number
of queues as opposed to all Queues, but it certainly gets around losing some
of our more importany keywords as we move tickets from queue to queue. (We
just leave the keywork blank on queues that they have no relation to).


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I’d definitely add my vote for being able to select keywords during
ticket creation, and for the concept of a “sticky” keyword or "group"
keyword where keywords can be maintained across multiple queues.



PS - Has anybody created a custom entry page that will allow me to
multiple tickets in one go (ie a header ticket with multiple job tickets
hanging off that which can have different due dates) that they’d like
to share?

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Subject: [rt-users] “New Ticket” GUI blind to keywords

I just sent Matthew (asked “how keywords work?”) this URL from the docs;

---------but having gotten NO REPLIES myself on a deeper discussion,
i feel the need to re-ask my question from last week.

Basically, how do you all deal with the fact that…

  • it seems that in the GUI, as the end-user might use it, while
    New Ticket…
    user doesnt even see Keywords :frowning:
    (unless user takes a 2nd look at the ticket after creation,
    and modifies it further after New Ticket creation)

Dying to really USE rt, but 2 features seem glaring to me:
—“lost keywords when moved-to-another-queue”, currently being
—my issue (above) "New Ticket blind to keywords"
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