Keyword Search Problems

I’m having an issue with speed on keyword searches.
I can use a query like the following:

SELECT t.* FROM (tickets t LEFT JOIN objectkeywords k ON
k.keyword=10 AND k.keywordselect=3 AND k.objecttype=‘Ticket’ AND t.queue=7;

(I’m assuming this is the query used by the search (or something similar)
This query runs in 2-3 seconds using psql, but the search using the webui
takes at least a minute if not more, then combine that with the time it takes
to move to the next page of results, and it gets very frustrating for the
users. They say that a search on subject content takes less time.
I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this or know how to fix it.

I’m running rt 2.0.13 and PostgreSQL 7.2.1, and Perl 5.6.1
on a box using RedHat 7.2 with 1Gb of RAM and 1.6 Ghz athlon.

Any help is greatly appreciated.