Keyword question

Hello together,

I�m new on the list. So first of all: We like rt/rt2 !!!

We have updated to RT2, most of all seems to be working.
Keywords are the only open issue. I�ve got the keywords-HOWTO
(thanks to Marc Hedlund), but I can not find the right info there.

So here we go:
We have decided, that we want to classify tickets via special
keywords (Milestone, product area, …). This works well, I can
see the info on each ticket, I can search for special criterias, …

Can I list the keywords in the ticket list (same as status, …) ?
(I have found the possiblity to adjust the visualisation of the list
but no hint about keywords)
Can I get a keyword list for each ticket via the command line tool ?

Thanks in advance