Karel Comes Up Lame, Yet Again


Okay, tell me what piece of idiocy I managed to accomplish THIS time. It
had the look of something mindblowingly obvious, but I just can’t trace
it down. Empty RT logs, Apache isn’t throwing back any errors at all,
access_log merely indicates a successful viewing of the directory
(implying index.html I suppose).

Adding the trailing slash doesn’t change anything, nor does specifying
index.html. Not that I thought those steps would fix it, but when you’re
grasping at straws…

Karel P Kerezman, IS Admin Entercom Portland

I can tell you are lying. Your lips are moving.

hmm, looks like this page isn’t being parsed by mason? Has anyone touched
your apache conf file?

|+ http://eng3.kgon.com/rt2

Can you paste your apache config file, specifically the section
pertaining to RT?

Looks like the mason handler isn’t either configured, or working :slight_smile:

Also, what version of apache are you running?