Kanban-view release for RT 4.2.4+


we did release the kanban-view yesterday:


@shawn moore/jim brandt/christian loos:
again, thanks very much for your awesome help! without your help we
wouldn’t have such a generic rt-extension!

best wishes,
paul & joachim

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Usually I’m not someone to revisit old posts, but this time I’m making an exception.

I understand this has been a one-time (school?) project.
I’ve tested both extensions, but am reluctant in using this in a production environment (mainly because they aren’t maintained anymore).
Having said that, the extensions look/are really promising! They could in-fact allow a proper scrum or kanban workflow to take place within RT.

Are there any plans to continue development for both extensions?

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Hi Bart,
i’m 100% with you and i think Bestpractical should take over this, as it is a real Pro Feature for RT and requested several times from users.