Its possible to modify the template

Hello, good to everyone.
These days we have been looking at Request Tracker and we have decided to install it.
We are on the RT-5.0.
Investigating in the graphical interface I have not found the possibility of modifying the ticket template.
And my question is:
is it possible to add some field during the ticket creation?

For example: Add a dropdown with a value to choose from

Thank u all

I think you mean customfields for ticket. It can be easily add.

Yes, I have created two custom fields to test, but the standard user does not see those fields when creating the ticket.
I have enabled the ‘SeeCustomField’ group permission and it doesn’t see them either.
Instead, the user 'root, if you see that extra field.

You can look to grant the SetInitialCustomField or ModifyCustomField rights

Yees ! Thank u so much

I was browsing those tabs and didn’t realize it.