Issue with unwanted 'reply' instead of 'comment'

Hi folks.

System is RT 4.4.x, migration to 5.x is in progress.

We have an issue with users who are new to RT or which use RT very rare.

They belive “Comment” (german: “Kommentar”) is only within RT and does not generate an e-mail, even not to the owner. On th other hand they think one have to use “Reply” (german: “Antwort”) to generate an e-mail to involved persons. They transfer their knowledge from softwares like Outlook or Thunderbird. Every time they want to add important information to a ticket the Owner should receive fastly they use “Reply”. Instruction is useless. I want to prevent this mistake by design. Or better by intuitive frontend.

So as a solution one could change the text to “Reply to requestor” and “Reply internal”, of course with the german translations. It is easy to change the text in ‘local/po/de.po’ et al.

Do you have any other ideas to address this issue?

Second issue is employees sometimes don’t use RT’s interface. They use their e-mail client to send information to the ticket and generate a correspondence this way. The internal e-mail is reduced to a minimum. Just the employees who do not use RT daily but have to add information rarely are affected. I have no idea except altering every e-mail with internal ‘from:’ to inject as comment.

Any other ideas?


Hi Rubberduck,

I’ve made several changes in the .po file for just this reason. I’ve also used CSS to make the “Reply to requestor” link bold and red and to add a watermark to the compose window for correspondence but not for comment. That has worked but, if it didn’t, my next step would to write an extension to replace the “Reply to requestor” link with a link which required confirmation before proceeding.

Can you use creative email addresses (or address aliases) to make the difference more explicit? Something like and would be hard to confuse.

Good luck,

Hi Fish, thank you for the suggstions.

We already turn the textfield red dynamically if there is a foreign domain at mailaddresses and we write “attention, there are external recipients” (in german). It got better this way.

I edited the .po this week. We have to observe now.

Our users use Outlook. They do not see the mailaddress, they see the name from the addressbook. The idea is very well, I’ll change the entries to something more meaningful. Maybe it helps. Users just hit “reply” if they get a mail from RT instead of logging in the system.

So we thinking about always set ‘rt-comment@…’ as reply-to address. Then the owner of the ticket has to generate a correspondence, if the information is relevant to requestor.

(Interesting, didn’t notice yet: The ‘requestor’ is translatetd to ‘Kunde’, that means ‘customer’. There is no eloquent word for ‘requestor’ in german.)