Issue with RT::Action::NotifyGroup and ::NotifyOwnerOrAdminCC

This may not be worth anyone’s time. It’s probably a very special case, and there are a couple of easy workarounds that I’ve found in just a few minutes of poking.

The error is:

[947507] [Sun Nov 5 04:00:02 2023] [warning]: Use of uninitialized value $_[1] in split at /opt/rt5/bin/…/lib/RT/Action/ line 184. (/opt/rt5/bin/…/lib/RT/Action/

The command that generated it was:

/opt/rt5/bin/rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg “(Status = ‘ACTIVE’ AND Queue != ‘SomeQueueOrOther’) AND LastUpdated <= ‘1 week ago’” --action RT::Action::NotifyOwnerOrAdminCc --action RT::Action::NotifyGroup --action-arg ‘bigbosses’ --template ‘Languishing 1 Week’ --transaction first

I believe that this is triggered by AdminCc being first in the list, and empty (because MS puts AdminCc mail in the junk folder, and nothing I’ve found works to tell it not to, so we’ve put all our contacts in Cc).

If I change RT::Action::NotifyOwnerOrAdminCc to RT::Action::Notify --action-arg ‘Owner’, all works fine.

If I change the Action order, to “RT::Action::NotifyGroup – action-arg ‘bigbosses’ --action RT::Action::NotifyOwnerOrAdminCc”, all works fine.

So I think this may be a bug, but it seems easy enough to get around.

Thanks for reading!