Issue with redirecting responses to external email addresses


I have a production RT instance. It was updated autumn last year from 5.0.3 to 5.0.5. A client is now complaining that when he creates a ticket with a gmail address by sending an email, when people respond to that ticket he gets no notifications. This he had in the past apparently. This happens in a particular queue. In other queues there isn’t this issue.

Now looking at the logs I see the following:

[2494382] [Fri Apr 12 12:55:56 2024] [info]: <rt-5.0.5-2494382-1712926556-978.243584-47-0@MY.DOMAIN> is blacklisted because autogenerated messages are configured to only be sent to privileged users (RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages). Skipping (/MY_RT_PATH/rt/rt5/sbin/../lib/RT/Action/

Indeed, in global config this parameter is set to “privileged”. But I don’t understand why in all the other queues this problem does not exist… Could someone please lend me a hand in order to figure out why this particular queue is blocking the responses to external email addresses?

Just to check: this user does actually have the exact as the Email address in his RT user record? And not some variation such as or

No, this user has the standard domain in his email