IsPassword problem

I just installed the debian package request-tracker 2.0.14-1 (testing).
The problem is that I can’t login with the default ‘password’ password.
Although it’s set in the database.

The curious thing of all, is that, when I add a
print “.”;
before (lib/RT/, line 581)
if ( ($self->__Value(‘Password’) eq ‘’) ||
($self->__Value(‘Password’) eq undef) ) {
if ($self->__Value(‘Password’) eq crypt($value, $self->__Value(‘Password’))) {
return (1);

it works! It logs in, and all… I get part of the headers, but that’s obvious.
So on my quest to ‘debug’ the problem, I couldn’t debug, because it
works when I’m trying to print some stuff.

Can someone explain this to me? Did someone else have the same problem?
Or am I just overlooking something…

Apache 1.3.26-1.1
libapache-mod-perl 1.27-2
Perl 5.8.0-13
request-tracker 2.0.14-1