Is there an official or recommended Docker image?

We want to explore the inclusion of RT into our environment. We normally do initial evaluations and testing via docker. Is there an official or recommended docker image that we can distribute to our developers?


I spotted that Best Practical had a couple of older Debian RT docker images on github. The latest (about 3 years old) is this one: GitHub - bestpractical/docker-rt-base-debian-stretch

There are other, non-BP created images. For example this one: GitHub - abh/rt-docker A Google search for “request tracker docker image” throws up a load more.

There are a large number of options users can select when installing, like Linux OS, web server, database, etc., so we don’t have a single docker image. However, we use it for our automated testing across many of the variations. If you start at our github actions config, you can find the commands to get things running along with various docker configs.

The Dockerfile in the RT github repo points to the latest base image we are using for testing. Since we use it to test new branches, RT itself isn’t in the image. The github actions config shows how we build the selected RT branch and run all the tests.