Is there a plugin to remind for attachments or other keywords?

Hey I am looking for a solution to be warned when sending a message and there is certain keyword included in the text. Or for example, if a cetain keyword like “attachment” is included but there is not attachment added to the message.

Is there a plugin or a feature for that?

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One way to achieve this is to use an email or messaging client that has a built-in feature for detecting keywords in messages. For example, the email client Microsoft Outlook has a built-in feature called "MailTips" which can detect when you’re about to send an email that contains certain keywords and warn you before you send it.

If it does not work let me inform, I will share more methods to fix this issue.

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Editorial Calendar, this plugin provides a visual calendar interface where you can schedule and manage your blog posts. While it doesn’t have specific reminder features, it can help you stay organized and keep track of when attachments or specific keywords need to be included in your posts.


You don’t specify if this is using the web interface or an email client.

As noted by Julian, many email clients will automatically do this.

For the web interface, the RT correspondence form will already remind you if the word attach (and similar) is present, but nothing is attached. This feature was added in RT 4.4.0. - RT 4.4.0 Release Notes - RT: Request Tracker - Best Practical .


Yes, there are several solutions available that can help you achieve the functionality you’re looking for. Depending on the specific messaging platform or email client you’re using, you may find plugins, features, or built-in functionalities that provide keyword detection and warnings.

Microsoft Outlook: Outlook provides a feature called “MailTips” that can notify you about potential issues before sending an email. It can detect if certain keywords are present or if an attachment is mentioned without actually attaching a file.

Yes, there are solutions available that can help you achieve the functionality of being warned when sending a message with certain keywords or when certain conditions are not met, such as mentioning an “attachment” but not including one. These solutions often come in the form of plugins or add-ons for popular email clients or messaging platforms.

Where is this plug in?

Attachment Reminder.
This plugin will remind you to attach a file if you type certain keywords in the body of your email. For example, you can set it to remind you to attach a file if you type the words “attached” or “include.”