Is it worth making an extension for a code IDE for scrips

Looking for some input on if it is worth while to look to update the RT::Scrips experience, starting with adding a code IDE to the user defined code sections (See attached).


Hi knation.

Globally we try to solve requirements without own scrips, first. So writing perl-scripts it is not very often. In addition we try to use as less extendions as possible to keep the updates most easy.

What I really miss in the RT frontend is space and syntaxhighlighting. I do not like the text-input in the browser very much, thats the ‘space’.

So usually I use an external editor with highlighting, autointending, bracketcounting and so on to write the code. Than I copy paste it into RT. The code is checked in to a git system of course. On this hand I would not use the extension you describe.

I’m primaly sysadmin, no developer, and always struggle to find and use the right mehtods while scripting. So a IDE with more than the capabilities of the external editor may be nice. If using I have to invert the workflow: Developement in RT an then copy paste it to do the check in.

(I did never try to give the RT-Source to the editor or an IDE, even I do not know how to do. Maybe this could be a solution to have a IDE outside RT.)

You see, I’m indifferent :slight_smile: I cannot decide. For occasionally use it would be very great. For more or less frequently use one has to use a version control system (my opinion) and the step to an external IDE is not very large. Allegedly I would deny to install the extension and continue using the external solution.

Kind regards, Andre.

Are you thinking of adding more features to the in-browser editor, or did you mean linking it to an external IDE? I can see the former being useful, but the latter less so as everyone seems to have their own favourite way of developing.

this would be a great help to have coloring and suggestions as your screenshot, because when not everyday in the RT code, I tend to forget function names, and a helper is very welcome

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Please do it!!

Thanks mate

I was thinking of just having autocompletion and Perl syntax highlighting and then looking to add some custom autocomplete for methods/functions that can be called on the ScripCondition/ScripAction/TransactionObj/TicketObjs etc

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