Is it possible to speedup the process of shredding tickets?

Hello guys,

Im trying to find faster way to wipe out the entire database, (including open, closed and every other type of incidents) which currently has 350,000 tickets, so the system can have “fresh start”. I am using the example in the documentation of rt-shredder, but it takes a lot of time (around 50 tickets=10 minutes). Do you have any ideas how to speed up the process?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Would it make sense to create a new db?

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Would be good, if you are able to tell me how I can do it safely. Im pretty new to the product and Im afraid of breaking the whole system, thats why im trying to find the most “environment friendly” way to wipe the database.

Do you want to scrub EVERYTHING or just tickets? I.e. leave users, queues, custom fields, etc alone?
If just tickets then something like the following would do the trick.
WARNING: hasn’t actually been tested.

  1. backup your database.
  2. From the mysql command prompt: truncate table Tickets;
  3. rt-validator --check --verbose --resolve --force
  4. get a coffee and wait. Answer questions when they show up.
  5. repeat steps 3 & 4 until it’s all “checking” and no doing.
    It will be long. It will be loud. It will be faster than shredding that many tickets.
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Hello and thank you a lot, I really appreciate your reply. Also yes… I want to leave users, queues and everything else except the tickets in the system. I will follow your steps!

Yes, you can make it pssible by implementing few step that are mentioned here.

Perhaps you don’t have some indexes created. Refer to Shredder - Request Tracker Wiki if it helps.