Is it possible to forward an Email to an existing RT ticket?

Occasionally, a customer will send us information regarding an open issue by emailing our help desk instead of replying to the email sent to them by RT when the issue was created. Is it possible to forward this email to RT such that it is made a correspondence on the customer’s ticket rather than made into its own ticket?

It should be. Mails from RT should have a subject tag, like “[Helpdesk #3725652] This is my problem”. If you include the appropriate ticket number in the "[Helpdesk #] tag, it should get appended to the ticket as correspondence.

What exactly the tag says is defined in or Look for $rt_name or EmailSubjectTagRegex.

This sent the email to the requester as well. I should clarify that the email needs to not be sent to the requestor. In the situations where I need to add an email to a ticket, it will either be from the requester themselves or be an email only for technicians.

This also caused RT to change the value of the “subject” field to include the "[Helpdesk #]” tag, which is undesirable.

I think that, to not reply to the sender as well, you’ll need to have the $CommentAddress defined in, and send to that instead of the main rt address. I haven’t got that set up on my instance so I’ll be no help with that, sorry.

I believe that the "[Helpdesk #] subject tag is how RT gets the ticket number. It looks to me like it can be defined simply in $rtname, or in $EmailSubjectTagRegex if you have a more complex setup, but I think that if you don’t have the subject tag for RT to scan RT won’t know what the ticket is, and will create a new one.

I’d appreciated being corrected if I’m wrong.

I do not have admin access to our RT server, so I can’t check, but I anticipate that $CommentAddress is not set. I’ll have to set up a server to explore the comment address.

You can create your own email action with this help
You need to create your own mail plugin where you can change subject for incoming emails from specific users.

P. S. Right now i do not have access to my test environment and i cannot check this proposal.So it is only theoretic proposal.