Is it possible to adjust the defaults on Display.html?


For my RT setup I would like it if whenever I visited an RT link, as sent to me in Transactions and so on, that when RT displayed the ticket it did so with:

o “More about the requestors” expanded (by default, it isn’t)
o “All Tickets” selected from within “More about the requestors” (Active Tickets seems to be the default)

It’s something I have to do with nearly every ticket that I click on from email, and would like to save the time it takes to click. That immediate visibility of whether or not a particular requestor has a history of interacting with my system is quite useful in my situation.

Thanks for any suggestions.

See this config option for this item:

o “More about the requestors” expanded (by default, it isn’t)

For that one I think you can do a local override of share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor and add the following:

diff --git a/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor b/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor
index fb9ac215b..e05cbbaac 100644
--- a/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor
+++ b/share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowRequestor
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@

-    <div id="accordion-requestor-<% $requestor->id %>" class="accordion-content collapse" aria-labelledby="accordion-requestor-<% $requestor->id %>-title">
+    <div id="accordion-requestor-<% $requestor->id %>" class="accordion-content show collapse" aria-labelledby="accordion-requestor-<% $requestor->id %>-title">

 %# Additional information about this user.  Empty by default.
 % $m->callback( requestor => $requestor, %ARGS, CallbackName => 'AboutThisUser' );

All I added was the show class by default to the div

Thank you very much - this was perfect. I must have stared right at and past that configuration element and not seen it a dozen times – dumb!

The ShowRequestor tweak worked as well. I had to nuke the Mason cache, but, once that was done, this seems to be operating exactly as I need. It leads me to my next (Perl) problem, but, I’ll save that for another post.

Thank you!!

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