Investigate to Requestor address from Lookup page


Stuck on one issue in RTIR. Scenario is like the following:

  1. From Incident ticket I go to IP Lookup page ,
  2. get email address from whois and click “Investigate to”,
  3. on next step I get CreateInQueue.html (URL like /RTIR/CreateInQueue.html?Incident=19&Lifecycle=investigations&Requestors=abuse@domain) page to choose a Investigation queue, press “Go”
  4. Finaly arrive to the Investigation ticket creation page “Create.html”
  5. Though Correspondent input field is empty. Requestor parameter does not propagate from previous CreateInQueue page.

I use RT 4.4.1 and RT::IR 4.0.0. Any ideas how to fix that?

Best regards

Marius Urkis