Integrations with Jira and Zoho Products

Please let me know whether we can integrate RT with below products.
Jira Software
Zoho Projects
Zoho CRM
Azure AD for Authentication for Agents.

Thanking in advance.

Depending on which direction you want the integration RT has a REST API for talk to RT. You can use RT::Scrips to talk from RT as well.

Really depends on what you are building but RT can definitely be extended to integrate with external products.

Thanks for the update. (Y)
Actually what we need is to escalate the issues which cannot be resolve by Agent to Development team or If issue is a CR then forward to Development team as well as for CRM/Sales team. Ex. RT ticket should be able to create issue in Zoho projects bug tracker.
Developers use both Jira and Zoho Projects.


I am not familiar with Zoho or Jira. Would you use their API’s and have RT hit them to create a new ticket or just have RT send an email to those systems?

Thanks Knation…
Will check on that.


Will there be anyone who has worked with either Jira or Zoho?