Integrate & configure mail O365

Hello, good morning everyone, I am configuring RT things and I have found that I cannot send or receive email.
I have been looking at tutorials on how to configure email with RT5, ( postfix & fectchmail ) but many of them are somewhat old and after Microsoft basic authentication disappeared, many of them are not recent or are outdated

My question is if there is any tutorial or detailed follow-up guide to do it correctly
We use Outlook 365

I don’t ask you to do it to me, just somewhere where everything is well explained and with some examples.

Thanks all

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Do you plan on using SMTP for outgoing? Postfix makes this super easy, I forget what the new limitations for auth and 365 are

Did you find a good free self hosted replacement?

Is that free? BPS offers hosting too, so I assume that would solve the issue of things breaking

We have a mail server for all our users, would postfix also work with a large number of users or would it be for a single user’s own use?

The intention is that once the ticket is created, the response is sent to the user as a CC, even if that same user did not open that ticket.

I don’t know if I explain myself

So what I believe you’d do is the following:

  1. Setup postfix SMTP relay to relay outgoing mail to your server, this is super easy and just works in my experience! Ie once the config is setup RT will just use the SMTP relay. This means that RT will send email as the address you set the relay up as. To Cc all your users on tickets, that’s something you can configure in RT. I’d make a group and add them as a queue watcher.

  2. For incoming email, 365 I believe has new security rules, and that’s why you need to setup this script to run: