Instantiating queue custom fields in initialdata

I’ve been playing with initialdata in order to script the creation of RT instances with a complex set of queues, ACLs and custom fields. I can create definitions for all of these (plus templates, scrips, etc) in a script that builds the file from external source data.

However, some of the custom fields are associated with the queues themselves (not tickets in those queues - the LookupType is RT::Queue, not RT::Queue-RT::Ticket). When I create the queue in, how do I instantiate the required custom field values for that queue? Is that something that should be done in @Final or is it related to attributes?

Well after the resounding silence, I assume I must be the first person to wander down this path, so to help out anyone following me later, I can say that I’ve successfully used @Final to instantiate queue based CFs. I end up with an @Final that contains lots of lines like this:

  $queueObj->Load("Wibble Components");
  ($id, $msg) = $queueObj->AddCustomFieldValue(
    Field => "Organisation Type",
    Value => "Tenant",
  if(!$id) {
    warn "Could not add 'Tenant' for custom field 'Organisation Type' for 'Wibble Components' because $msg";

In my case I’ve written a Perl script to generate the file so there can be hundreds of similar lines in @Final, along with all the other logic for stopping duplicate scrips from being created, etc.