Installation Problems

This is the only RT list I could seem to find - if it’s the wrong one then please point me in the right direction.

I’m installing RT on FreeBSD 4.2 and having a few problems.

After installing APAPCHE with Mod_Perl and Mod_PHP I installed RT without any problems.

Changed the admin password as it says to do and then added the Virtual Server into the httpd.conf file - needed to install APAPCHE::PERL DB or whatever it was and Apache starts without any errors.

However, when I try and go to it brings up the download file dialog and trys to download the header rather than reading it. If i skip past this and go to (the only file I could find that should be loaded?) it displays set varibles on this page rather than parsing them.

Anyone got any idea’s on what this might be? I’ve tried playing about with the APAPCHE conf file but can’t see any problems with it (and the fact that it’s starting is a good sign)

Help would be greatly appreciated - Really want to get this thing up and running!


James Little