Installation of RT on RHEL9

I’m wondering if anyone has installed and run RT on RHEL9. I noticed that the “ManualInstallation” RT-Wiki page currently (as of 2023-03-20) refers to an earlier version of Linux, so I’m curious if anyone has encountered any issues or workarounds during the installation on RHEL9. Did it work smoothly, or were there any obstacles that needed to be overcome?

If you’re planning to install RT on RHEL9, it’s recommended to follow the installation instructions provided in the RT-Wiki page for manual installation as closely as possible, while also keeping in mind any potential differences between RHEL9 and the earlier version of Linux referenced on the page. You may also want to check for any updates or patches to RT or RHEL9 that may be available, which could help to resolve any issues that may arise during installation or usage.