Inherited a RT server but no admin login credentials

Hi all,

I am a server admin, my predecessor left the company and did not leave any documentation or admin credentials for our RT system. This server is Ubuntu 14.04 and desperately needs to be upgraded or replaced. However, I cannot log into RT as an admin, I have no credentials.

I can access the actual server, I am a sudoer, but I don’t have any password for RT or the RT database. Is there any way I can get into this system? I noticed that there is a CLI but it requires some type of password to create a user, which of course I do not have.

This system has been in production for several years and has several different queues, so it would be beneficial to migrate all the data to a new up-to-date server rather than re-create everything from scratch. Is there any option, or should I let management know that we’ll have to start from scratch with a new server and RT installation?

The first thing to probably try is to log into RT with the user root and the password password. Long shot, but some folk do leave the default password in place. :slight_smile:

Otherwise there’s a handy wiki page on recovering your root password that might help.

You can also try seeing if you have the rights to reset the root users password via CLI:

/opt/rt4/sbin/rt-passwd root