Inconsistent dates


I’m running RT-3.6.3 and am having minor problems with dates.

In the Ticket display, Dates section I see:
“Last Contact Wed Mar 21 14:56:50 2007”

but in the history at the bottom of the Ticket I see:
Told/Told changed from ‘2007-03-21 03:45:35’ to ‘2007-03-21 03:56:50’

There is an hour difference in time, the “Last Contact” time being correct.

The dates in my log file are also 1 hour out.

My local machine time is set to Australia/Melbourne.
I have entered this into my timezone, and have also
tried localtime and EST, but none seem to make a difference.

I am noticing another problem which I’m hoping is related: when I add a
Reminder, I choose a date with the date picker, but when I view the
Reminders the date is one day earlier than I selected.

I’m assuming there is some sort of daylight saving issue, however I’m
not sure where the problem lies.

thanks for any help

After looking through all related threads I think RT adds entries to the
Log file and the Ticket history in GMT.

I think there is one small problem with GMT and reminders.
When you first create a reminder with the date picker it does so in
local time eg 2007-3-31 and the actual reminder Ticket is given a due
date of “Sat Mar 31 00:00:00 2007”)

However when you click on the reminders link to view all reminders, the
time must be displayed in GMT because the date now shows 2007-3-30. And
if I change that date to 2007-3-31 the actual reminder Ticket due date
gets changed to “Sat Mar 31 10:00:00 2007”. 10 hours being the
difference between localtime and GMT.

It can cause a small amount of confusion for end users.


Taan Lindemans wrote: