IncomingEmail insert script for RT3

Hi Again All,

Well after some hacking I have gotten the IncomingEmail insert script (by
Bruce) working…
I have cross posted this because I had threads going on both lists looking
for help…

It is posted here:

Just run the proper insert script and then copy into

The creates a scrip that will fire anytime an
email is received by RT. The will create a
scrip that will fire only when a ticket is created.

I did have to do a couple of things to the RT code… I would like to make
sure that this won’t break anything…

On line 123 of I changed:
$Handle = RT::Handle->new();
$Handle = new RT::Handle($RT::DatabaseType);

Additionally, I had to hardcode the DatabaseType in line 49 and
50… It was:
eval “use DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::$RT::DatabaseType;
@ISA= qw(DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::$RT::DatabaseType);”;
eval “use DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysql;
@ISA= qw(DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::mysql);”;

Have I broken something else by doing this? Should this be patched?


James L. Harrison
Technical Support Engineer
Palisade Systems