Incoming mails wont be added to the previous ticket

Hi there,

We are using RT for a typical user helpdesk. Which means that people that are not listed as users in RT must be able to create tickets, which works. In most cases their replies also get added to the former ticket but in many other cases, RT shoots me this error: attempted to reply to a ticket via email in the queue General; you
might need to grant ‘Everyone’ the ReplyToTicket right.

Ive checked, double checked and triple checked that this right is granted to Everyone but i still get this error in some but not all cases.
Im at my wits end, please help!

If this occurs only sometimes, aren’t the affected users disabled for example?

Thanks for the reply. Well as i said before, the tickets are created by random users with private email adresses. If i recall correctly, RT creates a user for each new email that it gets a message from?! If thats the case RT must create them disabled since im positive that i never touch the settings of those users. This also would not explain the occuring behaviour since that would mean that every reply would be rejected.

Are you using any external Auth mechanism? Sometimes it does create some issues.