Incoming HTML mails not displaying content in Transaction history (sometimes)


I’d prefer to just convert all HTML to plain text, and do have:

Set($HTMLFormatter, '/bin/links');
Set($MaxInlineBody, 0);
Set($PlainTextMono, 1);

All set, but, for some reason, some HTML emails are arriving which I think are HTML only (grr) and RT 4.4.4 isn’t displaying their content at all, regardless of size. I can click on “Download” which shows the raw HTML message itself, and visually parse out the bits I need, but, it seems I’m still missing something with regards to either forcing mails to be plain text, OR, in understanding when RT will and will not display the HTML contents of a message in the History.

I’d prefer not to set TrustHTMLAttachments, but, I know that may be the next thing people suggest…anything else?