Incoming emails broken since last perl upgrade on RedHat


We upgraded our RT server last week, got a perl upgrade, ant it broke
the incoming mail handling.

We have RedHat 5.3 64 bits, RT 3.8.2. The perl version we installed
was : perl-5.8.8-18.el5_3.1

There was a modification in /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/File/ file
(part of the perl-5 package on RedHat), and we got this error in RT
when running fetchmail :
Can’t locate object method “seek” via package “File::Temp” at

To fix it, we downloaded the last version of perl-File-Temp from this
(I guess you can get it via CPAN, it should be the same)

We installed this RPM on another server (you can extract the content),
and copied it to the RT server (we backed up the original

Then reloading RT fixed the problem.

Hope it helps,