Include another custom field in a custom field link?


In RT 3.8.2 (We’ll be upgrading to 3.8.6 pretty soon), you can
configure a custom field be link to an URL.

For instance, you can put and it
will link to<the custom field’s value>.
Now, what I’m trying to do is that I have two different custom fields
that would “build” the URL.

So, I would like to include a second custom field in the URL:

However, after several trials and errors, I still can’t figure out how
I can include another custom field.

Could anyone point me in the right direction ?


  • David

Could anyone point me in the right direction ?

  1. Don’t do that.
  2. Use 3 fields. 1 & 2 store values, 3 is a combination of the two
    generated by a scrip,
    which has the “Link values to” set.
  3. Create a custom CustomField Type, where you define how it is rendered
  4. Use 2 normal fields for the values, and the ShowBasics EndOfList callback
    to render the link. (You could even remove SeeCustomField for the parts).

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