Inactivity Timeout when using Feeds -> Spreadsheets on a search result with a large amount of jobs

This seems to work on smaller query results e.g. 10 results just fine. But if you use Feeds -> Spreadsheets on say, a query result of 700 jobs nothing happens for a couple of minutes then the user gets redirected to this message:

When this export is run against a larger result, rt-server.fcgi places 100% load on the server and the entire RT application becomes unusable. I either have to kill the process or restart apache.

I can’t find anything in the syslog about this error (I have not altered any log settings, just using the defaults)

I’m running RT 4.4.3 on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

I’ve tried increasing the values for FcgidIdleTimeout and FcgidBusyTimeout directives in the conf file under apache sites enabled with no luck.

If you set the log level to debug and watch the Apache log /var/log/apache2/error.log you may see more information as to where RT is timing out. Also have you set FcgidMaxRequestLen to a larger value?

Yes, I have FcgidMaxRequestLen set to 209715200

I enabled debugging. Output below from trying to get the same spreadsheet of 700 results: