Imprting dates from gnats

First of all, let me say, so far I am VERY impressed with gnats.

I am playing with the import-gnats script to get my current gnats data
into RT. However I have been unable to get the dates imported into RT.
I want to use the Arrival data as the RT Created date, the Closed Date
as the RT-Resolved date and the last updated date as the equivalent date
in RT.

So far, my code is soemthing like this, I do not seem to get the dates
in RT, anyone have an idea on what I am doing wrong. I have 80 or so
tickets that I need to keep the dates on to track change management.
(what has changed since a date).

The date from gnats looks like so “Fri Mar 08 12:14:32 CST 2002”

Ted Serreyn
Serreyn Network Services

my $RTCreated = new RT::Date();
my $RTResolved = new RT::Date();
my $RTLastUpdated = new RT::Date();
$RTCreated->Set (Format => ‘unknown’,
Value => @Arrival);
$RTResolved->Set (Format => ‘unknown’,
Value => @Closed);
$RTLastUpdated->Set (Format => ‘unknown’,
Value => @LastUpdated);