Impossible to create a new ticket with attachement as unprivileged user ?!

Hi all,

I post one more time because I didn’t solve my problem.
I use RT 3.4.1 installed from source (from 3.2.2 with upgrade to 3.4.1)
with Apache 1.3 and Mysql 4 on Debian.

And user in RT can’t create new ticket with attachement.
When he does he have this error, and I have nothing in the log.
"Update type was neither correspondence nor comment"
The ticket is created but without it’s attachement.

Only root (with Superuser’s right) can create a ticket with attachement.

I’ve just done a fresh install of RT 3.4.1 with PostgreSQL database, and
Apache2 on Debian, and I still have this problem.

The Global -> GroupRights -> Unprivileged right are :

  • CreateTicket
  • ReplyToTicket
  • SeeQueue
  • ShowTicket

The Queues -> GroupRights -> Unprivileged right are :

  • ModifyTicket

Any help is welcome.

Best regards,

Hugues Lepesant

Hi all,

I still have this problem.
And I don’t know how to resolve it.
I’ve made many test changing the right on queue, or group, or in Global.
But my unprivileged users can’t create new ticket with attachements.
The can add it doing a reply on the just created ticket.

The privileged user can create ticket wit attachement withour any error.

Do you have any idea from where it could come, or a links where I can
found help, or anything else it’s a real blocking problem for us.

Best regards.

Hugues Lepesant

Hugues Lepesant a �crit :

Hi all,

I still have this problem.
And I don’t know how to resolve it.

Try RT 3.4.2rc1?

Hi Jesse,

I’ve upgraded to 3.4.2rc1.
The ticket creation with attachement is ok now.
But I had some errors using RT.
For example when a unprivileged user want to create a ticket often some
information are lost, the Queue’s id is in the URI but name of the queue
is not showned “Queue: ()” and I must force the reload of the page by
my browser to have it. And after the creation of a ticket failled.

And I have a error when I want to see it.
And the error in the log is

WebRT: Couldn’t load ticket ‘’ ()

Fortunately I upgraded on the development server :))

In any event thanks for your help.
I would have patience until relase of 3.4.2 :wink:

Hugues Lepesant

Jesse Vincent a �crit :