Importing just users/queues/scrips - how?

I’ve been messing with the conversion tool today, trying to only export and
import users, groups, queues and scrips. Specifically with users, I only
want to keep non-Autocreated accounts.

Around line 106 I have:

if ($user_ds->{'Comments'} eq "Autocreated on ticket submission") {
     print STDERR "skipping $user_ds->{'EmailAddress'}\n";

} else {
     push (@{$ds->{'User'}},$user_ds);

And I commented out Links and put an exit() before the ticket exporter.
Import fails with the following:

[Mon Mar 3 22:41:31 2003] [crit]: Couldn’t load principal to grant them
SuperUser globally
$VAR1 = {
‘PrincipalType’ => ‘User’,
‘PrincipalId’ => ‘1’,
‘Name’ => ‘SuperUser’

What dependency did I miss?

metadata only has Scrip, Right, Group, and User.

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