Import tool v1.7, bug report

I just tried an import with version 1.7. My last try was with 1.5 and

While it seems to have globally succedded again, I had quite a few error
messages but not with much information.

  1. Importing tickets…

[Thu Mar 27 12:02:25 2003] [error]: Failed to create user Data error: Name
in use (./dumpfile-to-rt-3.0:527)

This error appears about 20 times for 7000 tickets. No users have been
manually deleted. As it does not specify which ticket is wrong, I can’t dig
any further. Maybe some more debug output would be helpful.

  1. Creating scrips
    Usual failures, due to the use of contributed actions (notify with attach)

Could not create scrip: On Resolve Notify Owner With Attach with template
Resolved in queue0 – $VAR1 = {
‘ScripCondition’ => ‘On Resolve’,
‘ScripAction’ => ‘Notify Owner With Attach’,
‘Queue’ => ‘0’,
‘Template’ => ‘Resolved’,
‘Description’ => ‘Imported from RT 2.0’