Import rt2-rt3 trunctated base64 attachments / missing excel/word attachments


here’s my setup:

postgres 7.4.1
apache 1.3.29 + mod_perl 1.29
searchbuilder 0.96 (from cpan)
perl 5.8.2

I exported all our rt2 tickets and imported them in rt3.
All image atachments encoded in base64 are truncated to less than 10
bytes in rt3.
Some attachments (like excel/word documents) are even not present in
rt3; the import seems to have skipped them.

Is this a known bug for the rt2-rt3 package ? (maybe it’s a anti windows
filter on the attachment’s :slight_smile:

The dumpfiles are correct (I’ve checked them using a perl script and
extracted the attachment out of the hashes and stored them on disk to
Seems the import is failing…

Anyone a clue ?