Import 1.0 problem


The import script died on importing ticket section with the following

Importing tickets…
main::MigrateTickets() called at import-1.0-to-2.0 line 72

It died consistently on MigrateTickets() function starting at RT
version 1-3-105. I also tried RT version 1-3-101, 1-3-102, 1-3-103
and 1-3-104, and these versions finish the import script without a
command line error except the “history” is null in all the tickets when I
check it out using the web interface. I am using redhat7.1, rt-1-0-4 and
MySQL 3.23.36 (which comes with redhat7.1).

This is a clean install of RT2, and I run import script right after I
issue “make install”. Below is the error in the rt.log.* after running
the import script. Do you know how I can fix the errors? Thanks for your

RT::User=HASH(0x881f00c)->HasQueueRight Couldn’t find a queue id at
/usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 609
RT::User::HasQueueRight(‘RT::User=HASH(0x881f00c)’, ‘TicketObj’,
‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88b9ed8)’, ‘Right’, ‘ShowTicket’) called at
/usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 2803
RT::ticket::HasRight(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88b9ed8)’, ‘Principal’,
‘RT::User=HASH(0x881f00c)’, ‘Right’, ‘ShowTicket’) called at
/usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 2774
‘ShowTicket’) called at /usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 2724
RT::ticket::_Value(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88b9ed8)’, ‘EffectiveId’)
called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.0/DBIx/SearchBuilder/ line

DBIx::SearchBuilder::Record::AUTOLOAD(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88b9ed8)’) called
at /usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 91
RT::ticket::Load(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88b9ed8)’, 8) called at
/usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 96
RT::Record::Create(‘id’, 1, ‘EffectiveId’, 1, ‘Queue’, 3, ‘Owner’,
2, …) called at /usr/local/rt2/lib//RT/ line 449
RT::ticket::Import(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x88b9ed8)’, ‘id’, 1, ‘Queue’,
‘support’, ‘Status’, ‘resolved’, ‘Requestor’, …) called at
import-1.0-to-2.0 line 428
main::MigrateTickets() called at import-1.0-to-2.0 line 72
1_HasRight called without an AppliesTo object
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) at import-1.0-to-2.0 line

    main::MigrateTickets() called at import-1.0-to-2.0 line 72

Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge
ext. 273